Worship Life

Music Notes

What love is this?  Greater love no one has ever known;
My life with God – this I owe to You, and You alone.
What kind of love is this?  What kind of love is this?
You showed Your love, Jesus, there to me on Calvary.

Worship Music Schedule

April 2:    1:30 – Christus Choir

    6:00 – Men’s Choir
April 6:    Emily Holmen, voice
April 9:    Marcia Krueger-Sauve, piano
April 13:    Palm Sunday
    The Shepherd’s Bells, Peals of Praise,
    Brass Ensemble
April 17:    Maundy Thursday
    1:30 – Christus Choir
    6:00 – Peals of Praise
April 18:    Good Friday
    1:30 – Christus Choir
    6:00 – Adult Choir
April 20:    Easter Sunday
    6:00 – Solo
    8:00, 10:30 – Adult Choir,
    Peals of Praise, Brass Ensemble
April 27:    Confirmation Sunday
    Adult Choir

Lenten rehearsal schedules continue through April 9: the Shepherd’s Bells will meet from 5:00-5:30, Adult Choir 7:00-8:00, and Peals of Praise from 8:00-9:00.  Christus Choir will meet on April 2, April 17, and April 18.  When in doubt, please feel free to give Ruth a call.

Ready to think summer?  This year, maybe a little more than usual :)!    One of the treats of summer worship is the wonderful variety of talented musicians the Lord has brought to Our Savior.  This year’s summer music schedule runs from May 25 through September 14, and we’ll start working on it this month.  If you have a specific date you would like to reserve on the schedule, please give Ruth a call.  No previous experience necessary :) - and no need to figure out what you’re going to do.  We can work on that together.

The suggestion box is open!  What would you like to see happening in the music program?  What would you like to try?  Please feel free to share your comments with Ruth via phone, text, email, or paper airplane. :)

Ruth is in the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday.
Office: 385-2183 Home: 389-9780