Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Sat, Jul 18, 2009
    Pastor Lauer

    The simple answer is "Yes."  Formed in 1950 as "Our Savior's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota," our congregation has become known as different combinations of this title: "Our Savior's Lutheran Church" and "Our Savior's Lutheran, Mankato" and others.  In 2008, the congregation refiled our Articles of Incorporation with the State of Minnesota.  Previously, our incorporation had been filed only with Blue Earth County.  When we did this, we gave "Our Savior Lutheran Church" located in...

  • Sun, Jun 28, 2009
    Pastor Lauer

    Pronounced like the "fax", a FAQ is a "Frequently Asked Question."  Questions here could be about organizational things like "What is the LWML?" to procedural things like "How do I schedule a wedding?" to questions about biblical, historical, or theological topics.  After a while, the questions and answers can be broken up into categories along those same lines, but for now, we'll put them all together.